Don't bin it , Don't buy it,
Rent it !

Whether you choose to save money or make some extra cash, RentYourStuffs is the app for you. It is hassle free, saves you time and energy. Thanks to Rent Your Stuffs, you no longer need to buy or sell your used items, you can simply rent them.

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How it works

1. Snap it

Take a picture of the item
from your smartphone.

2. Describe it

Describe your item and
upload it in the “post” section

3. Post it

That's it, once you post your
item it goes live on our apps.

Why us

Mobile Apps for all

We are on Google Play Store and Apple App store. You can list your things and start making money or rent to experience those premium product without spending premium now.

Sharing & Technology

With sharing at its heart and technology as the backbone, we grew to be an experiential marketplace that lets users access premium products without buying them.

User Experience

We are expanding our base to new cities and we cannot wait to spread the Rent Your Stuffs magic to your city. So join us in the journey to own less, experience more and say bye to buy!

Great concept neat and easy to use interface! We can finally make a better use of things we have at home. A great idea to save a lot of money.
Tijuana R. Gaston

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